Open Lens Learning Journey

Cycle 2 – Gender & Sexuality

For this cycle, we decided to focus on gender and sexuality and how they interact with our practice of facilitating learning and growth. When creating genuinely inclusive spaces, we have to pay attention to how both gender and sexuality interact with them. As they are both individually and societally shaped, a deeper reflection to do just by our learners is crucial.

The cycle is meant to be an introductory level. It aims to introduce the participants to related aspects, concepts, vocabulary and approaches. Additionally, it provides them with space to reflect on the connection to the spaces that they hold. We also expressively centre an intersectional and decolonial contemplation.

Rahel Aschwanden


Rahel Aschwanden (they) is an instructional designer, writer and co-founder of NOW and Instituto NOW. Instituto NOW works with purpose-driven organisations from across the globe to unlock their potential to collaborate across differences. Rahel lives with their wife, kids and two black cats in the South of Brazil.

We decided to work with Rahel because they embody our principles of participants-driven education. Their lived experience in both the majority and minority world makes them ideal to support us in reflecting on gender and sexuality through a decolonial lens. We love their passion for experiential learning and overall awesome facilitation skills.