Open Lens Book Club

The Open Lens Book Club is an opportunity for folks holding space for learning and growth to connect through books relevant to our practice.

The book club will be a co-created space, so we will collectively decide what will best serve us. In that spirit, the space will be co-led by the group and not facilitated by an expert in the book. Therefore, be ready to bring questions and reflections to each meeting to share responsibility for the space.

This is a free offering for our global community.


Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

For our first book, we picked “Emergent Strategy – Shaping Change, Changing Worlds” by adrienne maree brown. We are curious how the book can contribute to holding spaces for transformational change.

The book explores the concept of emergence and its application to personal, social, and systemic change. It explores various themes, including resilience, fractal patterns, interdependence, and decentralized organizing. “Emergent Strategy” is not only a theoretical exploration but also provides practical tools and exercises for readers to engage with the concepts and apply them to their own lives and work. Learn more here.


adrienne maree brown

Detroit, United States of America

adrienne maree brown is an author, social justice facilitator, doula, and activist. She is known for her work in the areas of social justice, intersectionality, and transformative justice. brown is a black queer woman who brings an intersectional lens to her work, addressing issues related to race, gender, sexuality, and power dynamics.

brown has worked extensively in the field of social justice, leading workshops, facilitating conversations, and engaging in community organizing. She explores themes of resilience, community building, and personal transformation through her writing and speaking engagements.

Learn more here.

We are currently no longer accepting registration as we reached the maximum number of participants. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at